It is 4:25 A.M and I am excited as hell to start this blog. I can barely see the keys but I’m typing away in the dark (this is what happens when you have a good idea that just cannot wait until the next morning).

This is going to be an epic blog. That probably sounds like an overstated and ambitious claim considering how I haven’t even started but I’m going to go ahead and say it. I do have reasons to believe why it’s going to be an epic blog though. I’ve been internet surfing ever since I could read and maneuver the mouse and have come to settle on a few conclusions-1. Fashion and beauty and huge among young women 2. There are countless blogs that cater to the above mentioned two and related things 3. These are predominantly North American or European 4. Brown/Dusky/Indian fashion tastes are hugely under-represented.

There are thousands, nay, millions of youtube videos offering tutorials, style advice, how to’s and all sorts of amateurish expert advice you could possibly come across. But I ain’t got no soft pink white skin or deep blue eyes or gorgeous Asian features sista. Those how to’s don’t work for me. We live in an era of Post Fordism- every thing is custom made lady. There’s gotta be more diversifying here. Hell yeah! That’s what Desi Noor’s gonna do!

A sanctuary for your typical brown girl. Everything desi and beautiful assembled under one giant umbrella of a blog. Fret no more dear South Asian Beauty. Desi Noor is coming to rescue. From clothes that suit thy skin colour to eye shadow that goes with thy dark eyes, from mummy’s picky conservative taste to Sunny Leone’s explosive clothing choices- you will find it all here. That is the promise I make to you and I bring you, this epic blog *Drumroll*


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