So everyone knows the smokey eye look (except for my boyfriend..I mentioned something about smokey eye in a random conversation the other day and he’s like”what the HELL is that?” I guess a ‘smokey’ eye sounds kinda weird..what is that spposed to mean anyways? smoke in your eyes :S :S :S :S)..Anyhow..back on topic…I have been trying to experiment with all kinds of smokey eyes ever since I discovered that I love painting my face and I mean ALL kinds of smokey eye make-ups. There are a few that work really well for me (as in brown skin, dark eyes, dark hair) so I decided to put them together in a video list!!!!!

PS: This post is under construction. I will keep adding as I keep experimenting. I believe in make-up science and experimentation will lead to great inventions some day…ahem..

here you go

1. Soft Smokey Eye Cat Look (great for people with small eyes like myself- elongates your eyes)

2. Soft Bronze Smokey Eye (With WNGS!!!! – I love wings!! (Again…a small eyes kinda thing))

To be honest I haven’t actually tried this look but I was drawn to it the moment I saw it, reasons being:

1. The video is freakin 3.36 minutes!!! Who makes videos that are 3.36 minutes?? GENIUSES!! I know!!! Those are RARE!

2. Soft and Natural- I don’t really like dark dramatic smokey eye makeup. Mostly because you can’t walk around with that much black on your face during the day, which let’s be honest, is most of my waking hours. Since I don’t have much of a life and next to no party/clubbing life, I stick to softer and more natural looking makeup that I can sport during the day, to work, to school, to go shopoig etc. etc.

3. Smokey Eye with Wings- I have a thing for wings. If my friends described a sigature eye look, it would most definitely have the wings. It just works with my eyes. It makes my eyes appear longer. So when I see a smokey eye look with wings, I’m like…HELL YEAH!!!!

Wll try tomorrow and let you know how it goes!!!

Also: Keep reading as I discover more smokey eye looks!!

PS: Feel free to comment 🙂


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