Deepika Padukone- Winged Eyeliner Look

I finally watched Chennai Express!!! Apart from the last 10 minutes, I was giggling non-stop interrupted only by frequent fits of more laughter. I swear the uncle sitting next to me thought I was high before I came to watch the movie. I absolutely LOVED it!

I’ve never been too fond of Deepika to be honest. I like actresses who can act (d-uh) and never really pay too much heed to their looks. After having seen so many of Deepika’s movies (pretty much all of them…mostly because I’m a Bollywood addict), her acting only stood out in Chennai Express. She was brilliant at the South Indian accent and finally has my approval as an actress.

Anyhow, the other thing that stood out in the movie was Deepika’s winged eye-liner(something about her face being magnified on a giant screen). It was particularly this scene that made me notice how nice it looked on her


Really thick black eye liner on the upper lid and nothing on the lower lash line. So what do I do. Come home and google a ton of her pictures and then proceed to crop only her eyes….results are as follows –


I think we can conclude that she wears this look a lot and it looks good on her. Next, I am going to try and recreate this winged/flick/cat eye kind of look and if I succeed, I will have a tutorial for you guys!!


3 responses to “Deepika Padukone- Winged Eyeliner Look

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  2. hahahah just done watching it! and that is why I googled it! same scene got me twice. good thing is my eye shape is exactly like hers! awaiting a tutorial

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