I’m excited to start this section on my blog! Here’s my first outfit-


I apologize about how bad the quality is. I don’t have anyone who can take pictures for me so I had to try the self-timer feature on my camera and the photos didn’t turn out too great. I will try clicking with my other camera today. 

Yesterday was 27 degrees here which is supposed to be REALLY REALLY hot (hahahaha…I grew up in Delhi). I had to drop off my resume at a marketing company so I couldn`t wear shorts even though the weather was perfect! When I ended up at the marketing company I wasn`t as impressed so I excused myself and just before I was about to leave the building guess what I find????? The offices of UNICEF Canada (I have 2 masters- one in Mass Communication and the other in International Studies and UN organizations excite me like  nothing else). I ran to their office in the basement and talked to the National Events Manager and also handed her my resume (which I had saved thanks to the not so impressive marketing company where it was supposed to go). She was very impressed and although didn’t have any current job opportunities, she did invite me to volunteer at their events. So I will be volunteering for UNICEF starting November!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sorry…I got a bit carried away there….

Back to the OOTD

The dress is from a Chinese online store (aliexpress.com)- $15

(I call this dress cotton candy..It’s a cotton candy colour and has really pretty white and purple flowers all over it. Le fiance calls it my Amish dress just because it has buttons. As you can tell, I do not take any fashion advice from him…lol

The necklace is from Aldo Accessories- $12

My bag and watch are both from Spring (the shoe store but sometimes they have really cute accessories)- $45 and $30 respectively


The watch from Spring is quite interesting. I basically got 5 different bands to go with the one golden dial. They’re different colours and patterns and I thought it was such a steal for $30 (I’m a really kanjoos shopper).

Finally my shoes are from somewhere in Delhi when I was street shopping last year. They’re a beautiful pink/coral colour. I actually changed into my sandals before I left because I thought it was going to be too warm. 




Let me know what you think..I love feed back 🙂


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