The Magical Spring Watch- 5 for the price of one!!!


I cannot emphasize how much I love this collection of bands. I first saw it in Spring..just sitting there in a cute little box. Lots of colourful bands and one solid looking dial. I thought I`d think about it and roamed around in the mall but before I left I just had  to make a quick dash into the store and get this. It was on sale for $30 (originally priced at $50 I think). I could not wait to try them on. This has definitely become one of the best accessories I own. I love the variety in colours and patterns! No one has even been able to guess that I`m wearing the same watch when I just replace the band to go with my outfit. People probably think I own 5 different watches…!! I love the brown and the white that are sort of more classic and go with most of my work clothes or when I just cannot decide which one to wear. The turquoise and the pink ones are definitely dhingchak. I usually wear those with an otherwise boring or monocoloured outfit to add a bit of a statement colour. The blue one with a pattern is my go to casual/street style band.

The bands are really good quality. I’ve been wearing these for about 3-4 months and I’m really good at stretching and tugging on my things when I’m getting ready (mostly because almost always I’m also running late). The golden dial is also very beautiful. I like that it’s big and absolutely love how it looks.

I am so happy I stepped into Spring that day and set my eyes on that beautiful little package. It makes me happy on a daily basis ❤


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