Today’s OOTD is a formal/office outfit. I know pencil skirts are the rage but I really prefer pants (mostly because I don’t have to shave my legs all the time :S) . The ones I’m wearing are a pair of khaki chinos from Uk2la. I swear it is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own! It’s lose but also form fitting. The only complaint is that they get creased like crazy and I have to iron them every time (again…a reflection of my extreme laziness).

I’m wearing a generic black belt that is sort of formal looking. This belt works great with formal outfits. Slim belts look especially good in a contrast colour and on pencil skirts (that will be another OOTD…some day…).

The shoes I`m wearing are black peep-toe Steve Maddens. I will let a little secret out. I bought my Steve Maddens from the Army and the Navy Store (for my Canadian girls out there) which is GREAT and I`d like to emphasize again, a GREAT place for branded footwear. You can buy all sorts of branded footwear for less than $60. I bought mine, brand new original Steve Madden peep-toe shoes for $39!!!! The same shoes cost $169 in stores! Most of the really good shoes/boots/sandals/heels I own are from the Army and the Navy Store. Very very comfortable and very very reasonable priced. The store itself isn’t much to look at to be honest but the stuff they have is amazing quality and a great price. I accidentally bumped into one a few years ago and now it is my go to place for shoes, especially boots during winters. 

My top is a short cropped sweater that I wear over a black spaghetti. I love the design of the collar and it fits great. It goes especially well with high waist skirts in all sort of colours. 

Please ignore the hideous looking necklace. I actually took it off before I left and I don’t know why I was wearing it…lol

In other news, a brand new Sephora opened close to where I work. I know where I’ll be spending my lunch breaks now 😉


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