I will confess that I’ve never had a facial done. I did look up a few examples of how you can do a facial at home and adapted them a bit to find the one that works for me. Without further adieu, here are the steps:

Step 1: Clean face. Use face wash or a cleansing towel just to get makeup and superficial dirt out.

Step 2: This step is something I’ve included for myself. Every 1-2 weeks, I take a day out to pamper myself and my skin. Usually this coincides with my eye-brow, upper lip and chin threading day. When my face starts to get a bit hairy (ok..not that hairy), I take an hour to perform hair removal as well as a facial. After cleaning and drying my face, I thread my eye-brows, upper lip and chin and also use hair removing cream to get rid of my sideburns and some hair on my cheeks.

Step 3: Once all the hair is out, I soothe my skin by steaming it for 10-15 minutes. I boil water in my tea kettle and pour it in a casserole or any wide utensil and place my face over the steaming water with a towel on my head. Sometimes I like to add tea tree essential oil, rose water or mint leaves to the water to make it even more refreshing.

Step 4: Steaming the face makes your pores open and once you’re done steaming for 10-15 minutes, it is a perfect time to clean your pores and get all that dirt and dead skin out. I exfoliate with a scrub or a soft brush to do that. I use the face brush from the body shop to exfoliate lightly.

Step 5: Once that is done, I can already feel that my skin is clean but I like to do a couple of other things to enjoy myself and pamper my skin a little more. I apply a face  mask. At the moment I’ve been using Body Shop’s Tee Tree Oil face mask but I also use homemade multani mitti mask or ubtan (besan, haldi and milk) from time to time. For my eyes, I dip eye pads into already brewed green tea, squeeze the liquid out and place the green tea saturated cotton pads on my eyes while waiting for my mask to dry. You could also use cucumber slices. All of this goes on with fun desi music in the background (I LOVE Tommy Sandhu’s breakfast show at BBC Asian Network)

Step 5: Once the mask is dry, I wash it off. The last step to my facial is moisturizing. I use a lot of cream (any kind as long as it’s moisturizing) and massage my face with it for another 10-15 minutes (while I dance around to 1-2-3-4 Get on the Dance Floor). When I look at my face in a magnifying mirror after all these steps, I usually end up with a giant smile on my face. My pores are clean, skin feels supple and it glows!! And I do all of this at home!


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