I swear, everywhere I look, I see girls in crop tops and it’s not just teens showing off their midriff…everyone is wearing them! So a few days ago, I went on a little clothing haul and got myself a few to try out a new style and I have to say I really like it. Because they cut the body in two parts at the waist, which is the smallest part of the body, they promote a fab silhouette drawing attention to a narrow waist giving the appearance of skinny. I like to pair crops with high waist skirts and shorts because it hides the lower tummy bulge…something I’ve been struggling with :S

Here are a few images of how you can wear crop tops-

You can pair them with a pencil skirt for that oh so flattering curves if you’ve got that body shape. This is definitely oozing sexiness all around and did I mention very very classy?


The second option is to pair them with a short flared skirt. This look is really girly and perfect for girls that have straighter bodies. The poofy skirts add some volume while the crop top makes the waist small giving the illusion of curves.

Pair crop tops with high-waist shorts! This one is so easy. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that shorts are high-waist and not low waist. This way you only show a little silver of midriff skin because your legs are already bare. Low waist shorts might be a bit too much (we are not in the 90s yeah). This look is very young and youthful and can be super comfy too!!!

I will have an OOTD post soon in all of these crop outfit ideas!!!!





I apologize again for the really bad quality. I haven’t quite figured out the optimum camera quality for self-timed photos but I promise I’m working on it!

Here’s a breakdown of what I’m wearing:

Top- Bluenotes $3.5 (It was on sale and I thought it was a GREAT steal for that price. It’s a ruffled crop white top. I have this new thing for white clothes these days).

Skirt- $10- Sirens (Also on sale)- This was too loose on me so I stitched it at the waist to fit better. I like that it’s high waist and I can wear my teeny weeny tops over it. Here’s a black one I wore with the same skirt



The sandals I’m wearing are from street shopping in Delhi (Rs. 250- $5)

The necklace is from a thrift store- $8

Watch- Spring ($30)

White bracelet from Vietnam that le fiance got as a present.

I decided to take off my necklace in the end because I thought it was making everything a bit too dressy and I wanted to keep it more casual .

Let me know what you think!


I’m excited to start this section on my blog! Here’s my first outfit-


I apologize about how bad the quality is. I don’t have anyone who can take pictures for me so I had to try the self-timer feature on my camera and the photos didn’t turn out too great. I will try clicking with my other camera today.

Yesterday was 27 degrees here which is supposed to be REALLY REALLY hot (hahahaha…I grew up in Delhi). I had to drop off my resume at a marketing company so I couldn`t wear shorts even though the weather was perfect! When I ended up at the marketing company I wasn`t as impressed so I excused myself and just before I was about to leave the building guess what I find????? The offices of UNICEF Canada (I have 2 masters- one in Mass Communication and the other in International Studies and UN organizations excite me like  nothing else). I ran to their office in the basement and talked to the National Events Manager and also handed her my resume (which I had saved thanks to the not so impressive marketing company where it was supposed to go). She was very impressed and although didn’t have any current job opportunities, she did invite me to volunteer at their events. So I will be volunteering for UNICEF starting November!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry…I got a bit carried away there….

Back to the OOTD

The dress is from a Chinese online store ( $15

(I call this dress cotton candy..It’s a cotton candy colour and has really pretty white and purple flowers all over it. Le fiance calls it my Amish dress just because it has buttons. As you can tell, I do not take any fashion advice from him…lol

The necklace is from Aldo Accessories- $12

My bag and watch are both from Spring (the shoe store but sometimes they have really cute accessories)- $45 and $30 respectively


The watch from Spring is quite interesting. I basically got 5 different bands to go with the one golden dial. They’re different colours and patterns and I thought it was such a steal for $30 (I’m a really kanjoos shopper).

Finally my shoes are from somewhere in Delhi when I was street shopping last year. They’re a beautiful pink/coral colour. I actually changed into my sandals before I left because I thought it was going to be too warm.


Let me know what you think..I love feed back :)


I’m sure most people know the Salim and Anarkali story thanks to Mughal-e-Azam or general chit chat. Salim was Akbar’s son (later known as Jehangir) who fell in love with a courtesan called Anarkali. Daddy Akbar was not very happy about this and order to have a wall built around Anarkali as her tomb where she’s be left to die. No one really knows what happened to Anarkali. Some wish to believe that she did die after suffocating in the death tomb custom made for her. Others like to believe that she was able to escape somehow. Regardless of the story (and the epic Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya song that this story inevitably reminds me of-, the greatest remnant of Anarkali in the modern world are Indian suits worn these days conveniently called Anarkali Suits.

Historically, such suits were worn by Muslim courtesans during Mughal reign in India. They have made a huge comeback in the last five or so years and unlike many other fashions, have not faded so soon. The garment’s appeal lies in the very feminine sillouette provided by the massive flare that these suits have- a lot of ghera because of a number of kalis that are attached together. Anarkali suits use up a lot of fabric but they do have a regal princess charm to them that girls these days are finding hard to resist.

Here is a collection of some beautiful Anaarkali suits I found off the web. I recently bought my first Anarkali Suit (super late I know :S). It’s a light soft green with white lace on the bottom and at the back with a beautiful net dupatta also with lace borders and some lace design. I LOVE it. When I went shopping for one, most shops had a similar style- a net suit with lots of silver and gold bling on it. Granted I wanted a flashy one to wear for weddings and other celebrations but the ones I saw just weren’t cutting it. I looked for some on the internet but they proved to be quite pricey. Eventually I found one I fell in love with the moment I set my eyes on it and that’s how the green anarkali suit came home with me (For Rs. 2100 only!!!!!!). I shall post pictures when I finally get a chance to wear it. For now, here are internet’s best-

Which one is your favourite?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these images.

I love the colours and the mish mash of patterns. This one has such an exotic/different look.

I love the colours and the mish mash of patterns. This one has such an exotic/different look.

Madhuri looks gorgeous in anarkali suits!

Madhuri looks gorgeous in anarkali suits!

Another gorgeous one!

Another gorgeous one!

LOVE LOVE LOEVE everything about this one!

LOVE LOVE LOEVE everything about this one!

I love the peacock thing!

I love the peacock thing!

I think this is too short to be a proper anarkali but I love the design on the neckline

I think this is too short to be a proper anarkali but I love the design on the neckline

I know where this photo was taken. It's the Viceroy's Lodge in Shimla in the background! Te suit is fantastic too! A bit too bing bling but perhaps best for a reception ceremoney dress.

I know where this photo was taken. It’s the Viceroy’s Lodge in Shimla in the background! Te suit is fantastic too! A bit too bing bling but perhaps best for a reception ceremoney dress.


 I haven’t been posting a lot and I realized I need to get back into it.

I’m getting married soon! Thought I’d throw that out there.

This is also the reason I thought I should start posting again. There is a lot of planning to do and how else to go about it than posting all of my ideas on this blog??

This first post is about kundan jewellery. I don’t know if it’s just me but gold just isn’t attractive anymore. I’ve told my parents not to buy any gold sets for me because

1. It’s so expensive and honestly a waste of money

2. Too traditional (even for Indian wear sometimes especially when you can get matching artificial jewelry with anything)

3. I’m probably never going to wear it

So I was looking at alternatives when I thought of kundan. Personally, I love the style of kundan jewelry. The big chunks of kundan (kundan is basically glass set in a gold frame). Polki looks a lot like kundan but it’s made of raw uncut diamonds and costs WY WAY WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more…So safe to go with kundan.

Plus, you always have the option of embedding rubies, emeralds, jade or pearls in your kundan jewellery if you want to make it expensive.

So I’ve decided to buy a few sets of kundan for the main wedding events along with lots and lots of artificial jewelry.

ImageImagedding, ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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