Hey everyone!!!!

I found a video when I was looking for something to help me exercise my glutes. Out of the many butt workouts out there, I thought this was particularly good because it’s easy and fun but you can definitely feel it afterwards and for the next few days. You do have to do it correctly and put in your best to feel those muscles working. Enjoy!



I haven’t been posting as regularly as I wanted to but I’m back with renewed motivation!!!

I recently joined a health club which also happens to be my first (apart from the infrequent gym visit in uni). I was impressed by how much a health club has to offer. I got two free consultations where one of the nutritionist/personal trainers put me through this machine that scanned my body fat mass, dry lean mass, BMI (Body Mass Index), PBF (percentage of Body Fat) and what not. Then she ran me through a whole bunch of exercises to assess where I stand and where I need to go from here. I did 60 reps of the bicycle, 60 oblique crunches, planks, glut kicks etc. etc. etc. Basically I was so sore the next day that I couldn’t even keep the appointment for my second consultation (I was really sore). After a gap of two days that my body needed to recover, I got my ass back for the second consultation today where I learned to use all the machines. I’ve always been one of those people who gets really intimidated by the machines at the gym because there are always these big guys with massive muscles grunting in that area and I feel meek lifting 10 lbs.

Anyway, I’ve decided to formulate a new fitness goal and I hope to get there in three months. These are my objectives:

1. Strengthen my core

2. Gain more muscle and get toned overall

3. Exercise regularly to increase my energy levels

With the help of my fitness consultant, I was able to come up with a specific plan of how I will achieve these goals in the next three months.

So this is the plan batman! Good luck to me! I’ll be sharing my progress all along and if any of you guys want to join me then it’ll be even better!

Start Date- Feb 22nd, 2013


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